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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election

City of FresnoCandidate for City Council, Council District 6

Photo of Holly Carter

Holly Carter

Business Owner
3,798 votes (20.69%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Protect Fresno by returning our number of sworn officers to 2005 levels, adding community policing, and expanding our video policing program.
  • Aggressively address vagrancy by enforcing trespassing laws, educating local business on how to combat vagrancy, and establishing anti-camping ordinances.
  • Make a commitment and establish small business support and growth as the city's top economic development priority.



California State University, Fresno Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Communication (2008)


I am 47 years old and a business owner of Carter & Co. Communications, Inc., a Fresno based strategic communications and crisis management firm. My company is known for its effective and innovative approaches in solving complex challenges for our clients.

My professional career has spanned across a number of industries including printing, telecommunications, politics, real estate, and public affairs. In 2008, I served as the Executive Director for the Republican Party of Fresno County during the presidential election year.


In 2014, I was honored to be selected as an Emerging Leader by the Small Business Administration. I am a passionate advocate for Central Valley agriculture and a graduate of Fresno Farm Bureau’s Future Advocates for Agriculture Concerned About Tomorrow. I am a mother of four children and three beautiful grandchildren. I love my community and am a longtime resident of Northeast Fresno.

As a firm believer in giving back, I’ve donated my time and skills to fundraising, strategic planning and promoting numerous non-profit organizations. Motivated by my own aggressive battle with cancer, I founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called “The Face of Cancer,” which helps reunite women with their sense of beauty and femininity during an aggressive battle with cancer.

As a believer in the development of our youth, I mentor students through a hands on internship program I created at my own business. I also support many professional organizations focused on strengthening the growth and vitality of Fresno.


I am a vocal advocate for small businesses and believe Fresno can do a better job of encouraging  and supporting this constituency.

Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (3)

  • Granville Homes
  • Wathen Castanos Homes
  • Police Science Institute - Fresno

Individuals (137)

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  • Dr. Ap Sidhu - Physician
  • Chadrick Pickens - Civic Media
  • Kelli Fetcho Jackson - Clovis Natural Health Center
  • Laurie L. Madden - Clinical Resources Consulting
  • Bianca Zendrero Echeveste - Echeveste's Great Escape Travel
  • Bob Sullivan - Starving Artists Bistro
  • Windie Shepherd - Shepherd Properties LLC
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  • Carl Bischel - Glass King
  • Darryl Wong - Landmark Properties
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  • Rich Lucido - Lucido Properties
  • Ted Ruiz - Ad-Venture Video
  • Jodi Lorang - Esthetician
  • Don Turner - Turner Security
  • Todd Cook - Cook Land Company
  • Chris Valadez - CA Fresh Fruit Association
  • Lorenzo Rios - Clovis Veterans Memorial District
  • Ron Fletcher - Murphy Bank
  • Demetrio Papagni - Papagni Wines
  • Marlene Miyasaki - Miyasaki Farms
  • Dr. Jeffrey Saavedra - CMI Radiology Group
  • Keith Freitas - Sea Pine Ventures, Inc.
  • Cara Mathews - Mathews Harley Davidson
  • Charles Magill - Attorney
  • Phil Hansen - Hansen Ranches
  • Chris Mortensen - Cen Cal Tile, Inc.
  • John Niemotka - Octane Advertising and Design
  • Gabe Lorente - Insurance Industry
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  • Ed Caz - Marketing Professional
  • Dr. Joe Gerardi, DO - Valley Children's Hospital
  • Betty Hays - Fresno State
  • Vernon Jones - Fresno Fire Department
  • Jordan King, Girl Scouts of Central California South
  • Jonathan Lusk - Captain, Fresno Fire Department
  • Laurie Madden - Fresno Heart Hospital
  • Sharon Starcher - Educator
  • Jon Reelhorn - Belmont Nursery
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  • James Biglione - Freelance Court Reporter
  • Phelix Bradford - Designer at Phe'Elle
  • Christina Roup - NAMI Fresno, Director
  • Derek Linman - Financial Advisor
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  • George Radanovich - Former Member, US Congress
  • Jerry Duncan - Former Fresno City Councilmember
  • Ken Steitz - Former Fresno City Councilmember
  • Brian Whelan - Former Republican Candidate for Congressional Seat, District 16
  • John Hutson - Chair & CEO, National Electrical Contractors Association Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings County

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Holly Carter Releases 8 Point Anti-Vagrancy Initiative


In this press release, Holly gives her eight aggressive solutions that will help address the vagrancy problem in district 6. 



Plan encourages “tough love” along with education to address growing District 6 problem.

(Fresno, CA) District 6 Fresno City Council candidate Holly Carter today released her Anti-Vagrancy Initiative that addresses the growing problem in northeast Fresno caused by an increasing number of vagrants.

Holly is insistent to clarify that this is not an attack on genuinely innocent homeless people.

She commented, “There is a big difference between homelessness and vagrancy. We have the services and social safety net available to help those who need it. Choosing a life of vagrancy and not accepting those services should not be permission to create blight in our neighborhoods and to endanger the health and safety of our children. The Fresno Police Department recently announced that vagrants are increasingly burglarizing homes in our neighborhoods.”

Holly is proposing eight aggressive solutions that will help clean up this problem, not just in northeast Fresno but city-wide.

1. Work with local businesses to educate them on what they can do to combat vagrancy.

2. Enforce trespassing laws. If called by property owner, police will respond.

3. Review city public nuisance laws to insure property owners do not allow the setting up of homeless “camps” (i.e. Von’s at First and Nees). Use code enforcement to cite negligent property owners.

4. Review zoning ordinances to limit and move neighborhood recycling stations from areas near schools and homes.

5. Make a strong effort to educate the public that while non-aggressive panhandling is legal the panhandlers are not necessarily homeless.

6. To discourage vagrancy camps, evaluate options to require fencing off and gating the backside of neighborhood shopping centers. The backside of the shopping center at the southeast corner of N. Cedar and E. Herndon is a good example.

7. Move to neighborhood policing to provide for more officer presence to focus on enforcement of anti-vagrancy laws and to help connect the truly homeless citizens with the services they desperately need.

8. Establish Anti-Camping, Sleeping Ordinances: Generally - prohibit sleeping, lying or camping on public property. To encourage vagrants to utilize shelters.

The ultimate goal is the implementation of tough love to force vagrants to choose another, more productive way to make a living, and encourage them to seek the help available to them aimed at addressing their current conditions and underlying issues.

The difference between Vagrants and the Homeless:

Some homeless are victims of economic circumstances because of illness or loss of a job. Some are victims of their addiction.

Vagrants are those who meet their needs at the expense of the community. They are the lifestyle/addiction-driven vagrants who choose to meet their needs by committing crimes or scamming people in the name of charity.

Northeast Fresno is an ideal environment for the vagrant who reaps huge benefit with minimal effort. Vagrants take advantage of the generosity of others. Disguised as homeless, they prey on those of us, like myself, with sympathetic hearts who cannot see though their deceit. It helps the vagrant when there is a short commute to their source of livelihood, hence the growing number of vagrant encampments in North Fresno.

Holly commented, “When I hear ‘homeless,’ I think of a truly unfortunate person who has had something terrible happen to them which was out of their control and caused them to lose their home. Examples of this could be someone fleeing an abusive relationship, or one who had so many medical bills to pay that they couldn't keep up with their mortgage or rent and eventually lost their home. I also include in this category the severely mentally ill people who've somehow fallen through the cracks and don't receive the medical care they need to manage their conditions which enable them to function properly. I have tremendous empathy for people in these situations. It is our responsibility to connect with the social safety net already in place to get them off the streets and living productive lives.”

“Vagrants are often a different kind of person altogether. Most vagrants aren't interested in becoming re-homed or productive, working citizens. Vagrants often have some kind of criminal past and a long history of serious substance abuse. These people usually aren't willing to adhere to the rules and social norms of basic society.”

The political will:

In a recent city sponsored neighborhood meeting focuses on the growing problem of vagrancy in District 6, Fresno Rescue Mission CEO Rev. Larry Arce stated that chronic vagrancy in District 6 has dramatically increased because of the lack of political will to do something about it.

Holly declared, “I have the political will!”

Candidate For Fresno City Council District Six, Announces Public Safety Platform


In this press release, Holly Carter discusses her public safety platform.




Holly Carter proposes five innovative solutions for fighting crime, pledges full support for expansion of sworn officers.

(Fresno, CA) Holly Carter, candidate for the soon to be vacated Fresno City Council District 6 seat, released her plan to help combat the rising crime rate in Fresno, and District 6 in particular. 

Holly commented, “The residents of District 6 are feeling threatened. Almost everywhere I go and virtually everyone I talk with has stories about current crime activity in their neighborhood. I see it in my own neighborhood.”

She added, “Police officers tell me that the passage of Proposition 47 resulted in thousands of criminals being released from jail who are now out on our streets. Crime rates in the City of Fresno and District 6 are dramatically increasing.”

 According to Holly, “District 6 has long been considered one of the safest areas in Fresno, and I am committed to make sure we feel safe in our neighborhood once again. Here are steps I strongly believe we can take to make our community safer. The good news is, these are very cost effective.

1. Add a Community Policing Unit.

Fresno has several specialized units that have been very effective in fighting crime. From the Violent Crime Impact Team to the Career Criminal Auto Thieves Team, these units have proven relentlessly successful. 

With the expansion of our department, it is now time to establish a Community Policing Unit in each district.

Having a group of dedicated officers assigned full time to community policing offers a number of advantages. It ensures that the officers have sufficient time dedicated to proactive crime fighting and partnership-building efforts in the neighborhoods they are assigned. The result? You will actually see officers patrolling your neighborhood.

2. Return our number of sworn officers to 2005 levels.

In 2005, the department had nearly 850 sworn personnel. Those numbers dropped to just over 700 last June. This year’s budget calls for 760 officers. I will aggressively support the the addition of resources necessary for the Chief to protect the citizens of Fresno. As a city, we must commit to the prompt return of a police force of 850 sworn officers.

3. Encourage the use of the Nextdoor App.

Nextdoor is a private neighborhood social media app where people can communicate with their neighbors. Think of it as a neighborhood Facebook. It is a very effective way of sharing suspicious activity with people in your neighborhood.

Holly said, “I have found, in my own experience, it is like an electronic version of Neighborhood Watch.”

4. Expand our Video Policing Program so that - on strictly a voluntary basis - businesses can have the Fresno Police Department directly monitor their video surveillance cameras.

Chief Dyer indicates this can be done at low or no cost to businesses.

This does not mean the Police Department will be spying on you during normal business hours. It does mean that if an alarm is tripped, or a 911 call comes in, the Police Department will be able to access the business’ video surveillance cameras to see what is happening in real time.

Placing signs on a business’ entrance stating the premises is being directly monitored by the Fresno Police Department would be a tremendous deterrent to someone with a criminal intent.

Again, this program would be purely voluntary.

5. Work to get the State of California to reinstate possession of date rape drugs as a felony.

One of the more horrific changes that Prop 47 made was the reclassification of possession of date rape drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor. Now, instead of serving jail time, all that will happen to a predator possessing these drugs is a slap on the wrist.

The most commonly used date rape drug is Rohypnol (roofies). It is not legal to prescribe Rohypnol. The only reason anyone would possess Rohypnol is for sexual assault. Also used are the prescription drugs GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid) and ketamine.

Because of the effects of these drugs, victims may be physically helpless, unable to refuse sex, and unable to remember what happened. The drugs often have no color, odor or taste and are easily added to flavored drinks without the victim’s knowledge.

“As a Mom, this reclassification of possession of date rape drugs is completely unacceptable. I have three daughters. Like many of you, I cringe at the thought of these predatory monsters using these drugs on our children without serious consequences.”

“As a City Councilwoman in Fresno, I will become an aggressive voice to advocate for the remedy of this mistake and will work diligently with our local and state legislators to amend the possession of date rape drugs back to a felony status.”


Holly concluded by reiterating that she is more than just another “tough on crime” candidate. Having lived in this district for more than a decade, experiencing the decline in safety alongside all of her neighbors, she considers these efforts personal. “This is about my children, my safety, and the safety of people I know and love,” she said, “It isn’t an abstract concept. We have a right to live free of fear, and I am going to roll up my sleeves and fight for my neighborhood.”

Ballot Statement


The following is the ballot statement for Holly Carter. It will discuss her action agendas when she is elected to Fresno City Council. 

Ballot Statement

As your next Councilmember, I'll provide a fresh, bold, and independent voice that will never put politics ahead of people and will always tell the truth. I am not part of, nor do  I wish to be a part of the local Fresno political establishment. Having City Council members who owe other politicians is not healthy for our city.

I'm the owner of Carter & Co. Communications. I make my living solving complex problems using innovative ideas. I do not believe in the political rhetoric that is often a disguise for keeping the status quo.

I strongly believe it is time to hear solutions, not "plans." That is why I have created specifric solutions called "Action Agendas" based upon what the voters have told me are their biggest concerns.

My action agendas will make your family safer by rebuilding our police department and fire department which is my first priority; finally address the problems caused by habitual vagrancy; refocus economic development towards supporting small businesses!

Let me be very clear on one thing, there is no such thing as government money. It all belongs to the taxpayer.

Please visit: to find out more.

I would appreciate your vote. 

Videos (1)

— May 25, 2016 Friends to Elect Holly Carter

The video discusses why Holly Carter has decided to run for city council. 

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