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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 10

Photo of Virginia Madueño

Virginia Madueño

Valley Water Commissioner
11,178 votes (9.2%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Healthcare for All - I support Medicare for All as a guarantee that every American will have the ability to access affordable and quality of care from cradle to grave.
  • Safer, Stronger Schools - I truly believe every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education. It is through an education that we can truly find freedom, opportunity and a better tomorrow. As a mother of three sons in local schools, I will c
  • Immigration Reform - Immigration is not a partisan issue. Small business owners, farmers, working families and retirees all agree that we must create a system that benefits the safety our communities, serves our local economy, and builds a road, not



Profession:Small business owner and CA Water Commissioner
Founder, President, Imagen LLC (2001–current)
Commissioner, California Boating and Waterways Commission — Appointed position (2013–current)
Mayor, City of Riverbank — Elected position (2009–2012)


CSU Stanislaus BA, Communications (current)


When I served as Mayor of Riverbank, I brought business owners and community organizations together to get things done, working with the United States Army to convert an old ammunition plant into a jobs hub, helping small businesses open doors and bringing more jobs to the region. Now appointed by Governor Brown to the California Boating and Waterways Commission, I continue my advocacy for the San Joaquin Valley by helping bring resources to benefit our local communities.

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (5)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Answer from Virginia Madueño:

Federal support is critical to shore up our aging infrastructure. Infrastructure projects give us an excellent return on our investments, due to the jobs they create in construction as well as the boost to the economy overall. We need to create investment funds through overall tax reform and specific funding measures. We can extend the lifespan of many of our roads and railways through repairs rather than all-new construction. We need to encourage regional partnerships and public-private partnerships in infrastructure projects as well, and new models of financing to encourage private investment. New transportation options are needed in the Valley, and will pay off through the jobs they bring to the area as well as allowing commuters from our district to travel to jobs outside it.

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages secure affordable health care?
Answer from Virginia Madueño:

First, we need to keep the Affordable Care Act in place and work to improve and expand it, working toward a system of universal health care. I support Medicare for All as a guarantee that every American will be able to access affordable and quality health care. We still have far too many uninsured or under-insured citizens, and that is not acceptable. With a true universal health care system, we will be able to significantly reduce overhead and administrative costs to providers, as well as the high co-payments and deductibles that burden patients now. We can provide preventative health care services which will also lower long-term overall costs. We will be able to bring more doctors and medical centers to our under-served rural communities.

Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the House.
Answer from Virginia Madueño:

I support a "clean" DREAM Act which will fully protect Dreamers, the young undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children and have attended school here and perhaps worked here. A clean DREAM Act would create a pathway to U.S. citizenship for these young people, but would exclude other measures that harm immigrant communities. It would not include funding for a border wall or additional border security, more detention centers, or interior enforcement consisting of raids and deportations. 

What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of Californians and the federal water project infrastructure in California?
Answer from Virginia Madueño:

Climate change is increasing the challenge of meeting California's water needs. It has caused less-even rainfalls, so we have years of drought followed by too much rain all at once, resulting in flooding and the loss of water needed by farms in the Valley. That makes more water storage in our district essential, and I will support legislation that defines a process for diversion and storage. We need programs for closely monitoring river flows so we can know when it's safe to divert some of that flow and still have sustainable management. We also need to actively replenish groundwater using multiple strategies, and I will work to encourage partnerships between federal, local, and state agencies to coordinate these strategies. The Central Valley Project infrastructure is essential for farm irrigation, and I will support federal management of our canals and dams to meet that need. We also need programs to promote water conservation, from individual families to large agricultural operations. Efficiency can help ease the strain of managing this limited resource.

According to a "Civility In America” survey, 75% of Americans believe that the U.S. has a major civility problem. If you are elected what will do to address this?
Answer from Virginia Madueño:

If elected to Congress, I will represent all the constituents of my district, regardless of political party, to counter the political polarization that seems to worsen incivility. I hope to personally model kindness and warmth in my communications with the public, whether on the floor of the House or when speaking with people back home in smaller gatherings or in town halls. My staff and I will be readily available to those who have concerns, and will take those concerns seriously. I treat people the way I would like to be treated, with respect and care. I would work with my staff to make sure that they do the same, and I would collaborate with my colleagues in Congress to encourage civil discourse.

Who gave money to this candidate?


Total money raised: $355,179

Top contributors that gave money to support the candidate, by organization:

Virginia Madueño
Employees of American Wheel and Tire
Employees of Paloma Partners Management
EMILY's List
Service Employees International Union

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By State:

California 85.40%
District of Columbia 8.90%
Florida 2.32%
Massachusetts 1.59%
Other 1.80%

By Size:

Large contributions (82.86%)
Small contributions (17.14%)

By Type:

From organizations (12.43%)
From individuals (87.57%)
Source: MapLight analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I’m running for Congress because I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY, and I’m tired of hearing our current representative say one thing here and then go back to Washington and vote completely against the interests of Central Valley families.


THE CENTRAL VALLEY IS THE ONLY PLACE I HAVE EVER LIVED – From kindergarten to Stanislaus State, I am a product of local schools. That is why I know the impact that access to high-quality public education means for our children’s future. But right now in Washington, the Trump administration has a woefully unqualified secretary of education, Betsy DeVos. In her home state of Michigan, her work hollowed-out the public school system. Now, DeVos and Trump want to slash student loan programs that level the playing field for so many students – and cut them off from the opportunities they provide. I WON’T LET THEM.

Inequality in our country is at levels not seen since the 1920’s. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN BY CHANCE – BUT BY CHOICES OUR ELECTED LEADERS IN WASHINGTON HAVE MADE. Locally, it is harder than ever for our families to get by and the recent TRUMP/DENHAM TAX CUTS STACKED IN FAVOR OF THE 1% ONLY MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE. I refuse to pay for our multi-millionaire Congressman’s self-serving tax cuts by cutting Social Security and Medicare. We must work to strengthen these programs.

In America, family should come first -- but right now WE ARE THE ONLY DEVELOPED NATION WITHOUT PAID FAMILY LEAVE. We must fight for paid family leave so everyone has the opportunity to be there for the most important moments in our families’ lives, but currently only 13% of Americans have access to paid family leave. Paid family leave is a win-win for workers and businesses as it reduces employee turnover and wage replacement costs. This is an issue whose time is way past due because no one should be forced to choose between caring for a loved one or their job security.

AS THE DAUGHTER OF IMMIGRANT FARM WORKERS, I’LL FIGHT FOR THE DREAMERS. Dreamers were brought to this country as children, and it’s the only country they have ever known. Our current representative likes to pretend for the cameras that he supports Dreamers, but he won’t stand up to House Republican leadership and force them to allow a vote of the full Congress. Until he tries to do that, everything else is just for show.

IN A COUNTRY AS GREAT AS OURS, NO ONE SHOULD DIE OR GO BANKRUPT BECAUSE THEY CANNOT AFFORD MEDICAL TREATMENT.  As a child I was almost sent home to die because my parents couldn’t afford the treatment. Fortunately a doctor’s mercy allowed me to get the care I needed. Obamacare has reduced the number of uninsured, but instead of fixing what was needed, Washington Republicans have been busy sabotaging our healthcare system. OUR CONGRESSMAN’S ANTI-OBAMACARE VOTES HAVE LEAD TO LESS CARE THAT COSTS MORE MONEY. THAT IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND STUPID.

AS PART OF STRENGTHENING OBAMACARE WE NEED THE OPTION OF BUYING INTO MEDICARE. This will keep the insurance companies honest and a check on price increases. Additionally we must allow Medicare the right to negotiate with the drug companies just like the Veterans Administration currently does. As the largest buyer of prescription drugs, Medicare should be allowed to use its bargaining power, saving taxpayers money.

THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR IS THE NUMBER ONE SOURCE OF OUR DISTRICT’S ECONOMY. Trump’s ICE heavy-handedness and reckless trade war is causing crops to rot in the fields leading to millions of dollars lost. To keep our agricultural economy vibrant, we need to ensure a reliable source of labor. Small business owners, farmers, and working families agree that we must create a system that benefits the safety of our communities and serves our local economy. I will stand up for our communities and bring people together to fix our broken immigration system.

JUST OUTSIDE OF OUR DISTRICT WAS THE CLEVELAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOOTING IN 1989. A drifter fired an AK-47 into children playing at recess. Five children were killed and 30 more wounded that day. That attack lead to the banning of assault weapons in California and contributed to the 1994 nationwide ban spearheaded by Senator Dianne Feinstein.  WE MUST CONSIDER REINSTATING IT.

RIGHT NOW CONGRESS CANNOT EVEN GET THE FACTS TO FIND WAYS TO REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE BECAUSE OF THE DICKEY AMENDMENT. That amendment prevents the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from studying gun violence and provide lawmakers evidence-based solutions to solve this crisis. There is a bipartisan bill to repeal the Dickey Amendment. THERE ARE SEVEN REPUBLICAN COSPONSORS, BUT JEFF DENHAM ISN’T ONE OF THEM. Denham cares more about protecting his NRA ‘A’ rating than he does about finding solutions to our school shooting epidemic.



Join our campaign to bring back common sense and accountability back to Washington. We’ve got a tough fight ahead of us, but with your support we can make a difference for our community.

Videos (5)

— May 14, 2018 candidate's campaign

Virginia Madueño is running for California's Congressional District 10 to make sure all residents get quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible. As a child, Madueño was denied healthcare due to lack of insurance, and was sent home from a hospital without care. A kind doctor intervened to help. Now she wants to make sure that no child is denied healthcare for lack of insurance.

— May 14, 2018 candidate's campaign

Virginia Madueño speaking at the Modesto March for Our Lives rally in Modesto, California. Madueño expressed solidarity with students marching to protest gun violence, and called for gun safety measures.

— May 14, 2018 candidate's campaign

Virginia Madueño calling for a "clean DREAM Act" that will fully protect "Dreamers," undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children and have gone to school here and perhaps worked here.

— May 14, 2018 candidate's campaign

TV ad for Virginia Madueño. As a child, Madueño was denied healthcare due to lack of insurance, and was sent home from a hospital without care. A kind doctor intervened to help. Now she wants to make sure that all children, including children of immigrants, get the healthcare they need.

— May 14, 2018 California Alliance for Retired Americans

Virginia Madueño responds to interview question from California Alliance for Retired Americans at event. She declares that she supports universal healthcare, in the form of Medicare for All, in which all Americans have access to affordable healthcare. Says she will address the problem of bankruptcies due to health crises and rising health care costs.

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